How much will it cost?

Most people choose to get married by banns. The fees for 2009 are as follows:


Wedding ††††††† £425.00 (banns, priest, church heating + lighting, verger, and wedding certificate)

Organist†††††††††† £85.00 extra (optional)

Bells††††††††††††† £140.00 extra (optional)

A deposit of £100 is payable when booking, of which £50 is non-returnable.


Also, if you do not live in the Team Parish of Oldham, you will need banns to be read in the church serving the parish in which you live. The cost of calling banns and the attendant cer≠tif≠i≠cate is currently £34. If you live separately and in two different parishes, you will need two additional sets of banns.

If you get married by license, the fees will be very slightly more expensive.

To see if you live in our parish, either give us a ring, or go the Church near You website. To see if you live in our parish or need to pay extra, just type your postcode or talk with us.

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Page posted 1 March 2009