Planning the funeral service

There is a very clear framework for the Funeral Service, but there are many possibilities and choice within this. Each funeral service is different, and reflects the personality of the person who has died and the circumstances surrounding their death. Our parish priests will be happy to advise you in choosing suitable readings, hymns and prayers, and in ensuring that the life of the person who has died is celebrated and remembered appropriately. Please do not hesitate to voice your queries, concerns and special requests.

Church of England Funeral services are particularly sensitive in their provision for funerals of children, and those who have died in especially distressing circumstances, such as an accident, or an act of violence, or suicide.

If the person who has died is a regular communicant, the funeral may take the form of a service of Holy Communion, helping people focus on the death and resurrection of Christ, and proclaiming our unity with those who have died in Christ.

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Page posted 1 November 2009