After the funeral

People who have lost someone close to them are often so busy with practical details and arrangements between the death and the funeral that they do not experience the full sense of their loss until later.


Grieving is a natural and important part of coming to terms with and healing this loss and it may continue for several months. If the clergy are asked, they will try to help. One often finds it is those who have suffered a close bereavement themselves, clergy or lay people, who can most easily offer comfort and support to those who mourn. Sometimes the prayers from the service, a few of which are on this website, may help us find comfort.


Comfort is also to be found in the promises of Jesus Christ, in the hope of the Resurrection and in the belief that the beloved person is safe in the hands of God.


Heal the memories of hurt and failure.

Give us the wisdom and grace to use aright

the time that is left to us here on earth,

to turn to Christ and follow in his steps

in the way that leads to everlasting life.

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Page posted 1 November 2009