Making decisions and promises

The decision to come for baptism has consequences. An adult seeking baptism will be asked to state publically that they wish to follow Jesus.

A young child clearly cannot make a commitment of the same type. So when you bring your child for baptism, you and the godparents will be asked to declare publicly on the child’s behalf a belief in God. You will  also promise to bring up your child as a Christian i.e. that you will teach the child by your example to follow Jesus.

You will be asked to answer, on your child’s behalf, whether you have decided to turn away from everything that is evil or sinful, and to turn instead to God. The declarations made by you and the child’s godparents will be made in front of the church congregation. The Christian community will promise to support you and to pray for you and your child.

The declarations

During the service, you will be asked to make the following declarations:

Priest: “Do you reject the devil and all that is rebellion against God?”

Parents and godparents: “I reject them.”

Priest: “Do you renounce the deceit and corruption of evil?”

Parents and godparents: “I renounce them.”

Priest: “Do you repent of your sins that separate us from God and neighbour?”

Parents and godparents: “I repent of them.”

Priest: “Do you turn to Christ as Saviour?”

Parents and godparents: “I turn to Christ.”

Priest: “Do you submit to Christ as Lord?”

Parents and godparents: “I reject them.”

Priest: “Do you come to Christ, the way, the truth and the life?”

Parents and godparents: “I come to Christ.”


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Living water: the Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings, baptises an adult believer in the River Stour in July 2012.
Photograph © The Church Times.


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