Shouldn't children make their own decisions?

Some people worry that they are imposing views on their children; but from the moment they are born, you make choices on their behalf. You donít wait until they are old enough to ask for milk before you feed them and, in the same way, it is right to give them spiritual nourishment and teach them about the love of God from an early age.

When they are old enough, they may choose to be confirmed and make an adult affirmation of faith.

However, you may wish to talk over any doubts and concerns you have with us. Just click here to obtain our contact details.


Baptism is a gift from God. We believe it is the Churchís duty to offer this wonderful gift to everyone who asks for Christian baptism, regardless of age, gender, background, income, or state of health.


We welcome family baptisms as well as individuals. These brothers and sister were baptised on the same day in April 2012. Their ages range from teenage to toddler.


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Page posted 20 April 2012